Frequently Asked Questions

What television shows and films have you done? 


Stand Up Revolution by Gabriel Iglesias                       Cast Member                                      Comedy Central

Who Wants to Date A Comedian by Byron Allen           Starring Actor/Comedian                   Entertainment Studios

The Byron Allen Show                                                   Cast Member                                      Entertainment Studios

Tons of Love                                                                 Starring Mel                    Feature Film

Chicago Pulaski Jones                                                   Starring/Bernard             Feature Film

Who’s Got Jokes                                                            Featured Guest                TV1

The Big Black Comedy Show                                          Featured Guest               Showtime/DVD

Star Search                                                                     Semi-Finalist                 CBS

The Way We Do It                                                           Cast Member                  BET

The Jamie Foxx Variety Show                                         Cast Member                  WB Network

Que Loco                                                                        Guest Comedian             Univision

Foolish                                                                           Also starring/Guinness   No Limit Films

I Got The Hook Up                                                          Also starring/Dooley      Dimension Films

Sister, Sister                                                                   Guest Star                        WB Network

Make Me Laugh                                                              Guest Comedian              USA Network

Def Comedy Jam                                                             4 Appearances                 HBO

Def Jam Prime Time                                                        Co-Star                            FOX

Comic View                                                                    Producer’s Choice Award  BET



National Internet Ad (Does It Matter?)                            Starring Actor


 Where have you performed?


‘NACA College Showcase’                                                Utah

‘Boston Comedy Club’                                                     New York

‘All Jokes Aside’                                                              Chicago and Detroit

‘Caesar’s Palace’                                                              Lake Tahoe

‘Riviera Hotel’                                                                  Las Vegas

‘Comedy Store’                                                                Los Angeles and San Diego

‘Improv’                                                                           L.A., San Diego, TX & AZ

I Got the Hook Up ‘98                                                      Universal Amphitheatre

Def Jam Tour ’93, ’94 & ’95                                               

Roy Ayers                                                                         Bakers Keyboard Lounge

Harry Belefonte                                                                 Oakland College

Isaac Hayes                                                                       Chane Park/Detroit, Michigan



Wayne State University                                                     Cal State University                University of Michigan

University of Illinois                                                         University of Toledo                Michigan State University


Have you ever done theatre?   


‘Purlie’                                   Purlie                                    Golden Globe Theatre, San Diego, CA

‘Who’s Life is it Anyway’        Jamaican Orderly                  Golden Globe Theatre, San Diego, CA

‘Pippin’                                  Evil Brother                           Masonic Temple, Detroit, MI

‘Fiddler on the Roof’              Russian Dancer                     Masonic Temple, Detroit, MI

A Day of Absence                  Henry R.E. Lee                       Masonic Temple, Detroit, MI


What are your special skills and interests? 


Diverse range of characters and voice including specialty dialects, [east coast, southern, Caribbean, etc], ALL SPORTS, dance [hip-hop, jazz], R & B Vocals, Writer, Flexible, hard working and a boy scout in his other life.

Featured music 

"DON'T WORRY ABOUT THE MONEY" Created and Produced by: Tommy Chunn

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